HEALTHAsthma Basic Ideas, Causes & Treatment

Asthma Basic Ideas, Causes & Treatment

Asthma is considered an allergy unless proven otherwise, allergies come from food sources and airborne, solve asthma through diet revision and improved air quality. There are three basic choices for the treatment of asthma including removing the cause, treating the symptoms, and altering the patient to tolerate such causes.

Oftentimes, asthma is known as an allergy that’s airborne, and food allergy is greatly neglected. Most doctors overlook this fact and despite the improvements with drug therapies, asthma is a leading cause of death.

Most of the skin tests conducted to patients with asthma are negative, and the symptoms don’t appear immediately. For some, it can take hours or even days.

How does this happen? If the person eats a type of food that he or she is allergic to, the food allergens are then incorporated into the bloodstream and it triggers the immune mediators’ release.

These chemicals can cause different symptoms like bronchial muscle constriction, and this is an episode of an asthma attack.

You will slowly feel the reduction of airflow in your bronchial tubes. You’re already having a noisy and prolonged expiration.

This obstructive, inflammatory phase is an important mechanism associated with chronic asthma.

Patients with food allergy are usually given antibiotics over and over again because the infection and allergic symptoms are very similar. But the truth is antibiotics can actually increase your risk of advance allergic reactions.

There have been reports about patients with long-standing deterioration after prolonged or repeated antibiotic use. This is one of the reasons why many asthmatic patients are quite hesitant to undergo medication.

Here’s good news to asthma sufferers, with a complete revision in your diet, you can remove the chronic symptoms.

You must have a broad management plan that includes solving your food allergy, toxicity, airborne allergy, and providing appropriate medication when certain preventive efforts are unsuccessful. There are specialized doctors that can help you with your diet plan. If your asthma is indeed caused by certain food allergies,

Your doctor can help you in identifying which foods you are allergic to. Once the foods are identified, your doctor can now recommend a new diet plan that is designed to stay away from certain foods.

This may take time and you need to visit your doctor periodically. But the results are quite effective according to come patients.

If you’re not that sure, you can do a valuable research online and check if the doctors in your place that can help you with your food allergy.

You can also ask your friends and coworkers if they know a reputable doctor who can help you out. Don’t start any treatment or diet without proper diagnosis and approval of your doctor to avoid any complications.

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